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for CD, script, piano-vocal scores, wordsheets, and license to perform in your school.

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Listen to Rebecca talking about Jazzy Jinks

on Manx Radio.

Le soir de ma vie (intro)

Madam du Val’s old gramophone record playing – listen out for the crackles. Later the whole song will be heard.

Jimbonathan Jinks

This song sets the scene and describes the secret underground world, so text is really important. Sing the story as if you are telling it for the first time with the thought, “You’re not going to believe this!” in your mind!

Ting and Tang

A small group of cats arranged around a backing microphone will add a great visual effect to this song when the bracketed asides are sung. Of course a small group, or even everyone, could sing them. It needs plenty of energy and va va voom!

Cat Flap

Think top hats, canes and a touch of tap dancing! Sing with gusto and panache! 

Talk to the Paw

This can be split into parts where each character sings and then they sing together; or, you could just get everyone to sing everything! The words need to be said with attitude as well as being super clear. 

Tail Tales

This lilting melody contrasts with the excitement before, and this needs to be reflected in beautifully sustained singing. This song describes some of the legends surrounding the missing tail of the Manx cat; storytelling is really important and thus the words need to be clear and expressive.

Mover Groover

This funny song will work best if the words are heard and the punch lines are energized! Sing out with big smiles!

My Celeste

This song brings a stillness and tenderness to the show and needs to sung from the heart. A solo first verse by Jim would be an added bonus, with the choir joining in at the chorus.

Jazzy Jaws

This needs to be sung with great energy and life. Make sure any clicking is off beat!

Le soir de ma vie

This soulful song is sung by Madam du Val and could be played by either a child or an adult. 

My Celeste (reprise)

A short reprise sung by Celeste to start with and then everyone joins in.

Musical Memories

Sing the ‘baps’ like you are an brass instrument and enjoy the ‘wagga wagga’. This uplifting finale song will make everyone clap; again, make sure they clap off the beat to keep it punchy and dynamic! Sing your paws off!

Bundled with

'Le Soir de ma Vie' below.

Bundled with

'My Celeste' above.

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