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To purchase a hard copy of this book containing all 11 songs, CD, wordsheets and lesson starters, click on the cover below, and you'll be taken to my new shop!

For the first time my songs are available as individual digital downloads.  Bundle includes: vocal and accompaniment tracks, wordsheet, powerpoint, piano/vocal scores, vocal lines and lesson starters! 

Power in me


I am so proud of this collection.  It was commissioned jointly by Sing Up and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, and was first performed by two choirs of more than 1,000 singers each.  The collection was finalist in the UK's Music Education Awards (Publication of the Year) and the song 'Power in Me' has been performed by more than 300,000 children in the UK, the US, Australia and beyond. 

1. Being Eight Victorians

This gritty song describes the working life of an 8 year old Victorian child, and reflects on a missed childhoood.

2. Viking Warrior Vikings

The three parts of this Viking work song

all come together for a very dramatic finish.

3. Song of Sirens Greeks

The Sirens attempt to lure Odysseus' ship to the rocks, but he manages to resist their enchanting song.

4. Chop and Change Tudors

Each of Henry VIII's wives gets their mention here, whilst we ask His Majesty why he 'chops' and 'changes' so much!

5. Be Amazing! Healthy Living

Keep your heart pumping throughout this energetic song!

6. A Little can Change our World

Environmental Change

Have we played our part in protecting the earth for the next generation?

7. Power in Me Inner Strength

When we feel we can't go on, where do we find the power?  Inside ourselves!

8. Tutankhamun Egyptians

Hieroglyphics, canopic jars, sarcophagi - they're all here in this catchy song of the Boy King.

9. All that Glitters Archaeology

Inspired by the Staffordshire hoard, this

funky song asks what treasure may lay beneath our feet.

10. What have the Romans done for us? 


The calendar, roads, public toilets and so much more!

11. Last Kiss Goodbye WWII

Letters from an evacuated child and their mother reveal what the kiss goodbye at the station really meant.

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