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I have written new words for the Wellerman for our Year Six Leavers' Song.  Feel free to adapt and sing!

Download a PDF or Word file here:

Year 6 Leavers’ Song (Wellerman) 



Verse 1

There once was a school called _______ school,

The staff were great and the pupils cool.

For eight long years we grew and grew

Preparing for this day - HEY!


This is our leavers’ song,

The summer’s here and we’re moving on.

Just time for a singalong,

We’ll take our leave and go!


Verse 2

In early years we played in sand,

And if we cried you held our hand.

Splashing water always banned 

We twinkled like the stars – AHH! 




Verse 3

In Key Stage One we learnt to write,

Sound out words and spell them right.

You really set our minds alight

And sent us on our way.




Verse 4

In Key Stage Two our brains aglow,

So many facts for us to know.

Creative juices start to flow

Let’s take this knowledge and go – WHOAH!


Verse 5

Then Covid came and spoilt our fun,

No mixed bubbles for anyone.

We did our work with PJs on:

Lockdown rules for all - BOO!


Verse 6

We’ve learnt what makes a school feel nice,

If we mucked about, we paid the price.

We’ve listened to your sound advice 

We think we know it all - YEAH!

Final Chorus x2

Our school has been a blast,

The times gone by so very fast.

Memories will last and last

We’ll take our leave and go! (repeat)


Good luck on your next step, Year 6 – keep the beat!

Miss Rebecca Lawrence 

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