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To purchase a hard copy of this book containing all 8 songs, wordsheets, vocal and accompaniment CD tracks, click on the cover below, and you'll be taken to my new shop!

Life and Learning is a collection of songs which reflect the variety of learning a school day can offer, as well as the regular pattern of the school day. A vigorous ‘wake up and shake up’ song is followed by an exploration of adventures in books, many sided shapes, our universe, and a song containing the word “hello’ in no less than 16 languages! Even the perilous lunchbox forms the basis of a song, a home-time reflection on everything that has been learned, and at the heart of this collection, a song addressing loneliness in the playground, and how to go about finding the ‘friend you cannot see.’

For the first time my songs are available as individual digital downloads.  Bundle includes: vocal and accompaniment tracks, piano/vocal scores, vocal lines, wordsheets, and powerpoint!

1. Wake up and Shake up Day begins

Full of physical and choral energy, this song aims to

generate excitement for the day and for what might lie ahead.

2. Open a Book Literacy

In 6/8 this lilting, warm and rousing song describes the adventures to be explored in books. It contains a straightforward and effective moment in three parts, and of course, is ideal for book week!

3. Ship Shape Maths

Think retro 40's close harmony trio!  A quirky song about polygons with two-part harmony and simple semi-chorus asides!

4. Friend you cannot see Playtime

Based on the idea of not being able to play with someone because ‘the game is just for two,’ this uplifting ballad will touch the heart of everyone and remind us that we must be open to new friendships and be more thoughtful to others. Beautiful harmonies aim to pull on the heartstrings and accentuate the spirit of the song.

5. Spinning round the sun Science

This catchy piece with its Astro sound effects describes our solar system in all its glory.  It is right up to date, and even mentions new dwarf planets such as Haumea!

6. Packed Lunch Peril Lunchtime

The gastronomic dangers of packed lunch boxes came to my attention when triangular flapjacks were banned from a school.  Fun and full of smiles this song describes the perils of exploding yogurts and satsumas!

7. Key to the World Languages

Saying ‘Hello!’ in sixteen languages: English, Gujarati, Spanish, Latin, German, Mandarin, Arabic, Italian, French, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Finnish, Welsh, Japanese and Serbian!  With a moment where everyone chooses a different language to sing in, when they say ‘Hello, hello, hello, hello!’

What have we done and learnt today?  Have we made the most of the day? Remembering there is always tomorrow to make any amends!

8. At the end of the day Hometime

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