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Animal Antics was commissioned by Dudley Music Service, and the first performances were given by massed choirs in Dudley Zoo!

All the songs are available for digital download below, and contain piano/vocal scores, vocal line only, worksheets, and two tracks - one with and one without vocals.


1. Penguins Will Never Fly

'So why do they have wings?' asks this song, but maybe they do? Underwater?

Prom Night.png

2. Prom Night for the Flamingos

It's time for the flamingos to preen themselves and get ready to find their partner for life!


3. Mbube

Accompanied by percussion only this two part song evokes the call of the lion.


4. Spider Monkey Mayhem

Chaos reigns as the spider monkeys take over the jungle!

Love Song.png

5. Love Song

Two red pandas eventually find their ultimate partner in this beautiful ballad.

Twist in the Tail.png

6. A Twist in the Tail

Tigers, Orang-utans, snakes, birds, and ... humans (?!) all take part in this grand finale.

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